Rookie's Sport Pub  2017

"It was a completely different demographic to the Yes!tival! crowd (older hippies, average age mid-40s, kids, and grandkids running around....) but Soul Symmetry were able to connect with this audience (for whom a lot of their influences have a completely different meaning) just as effectively, playing an extended version of the set I heard them play last time.


Incredible chemistry between these players. I'd forgotten that they do reggae, too (very well, not a watered-down version — their one reggae number was heavy). They could be an extremely competent dub/reggae band, pure blues-rock band, space-rock band, or funk-rock band, but instead they're choosing to explore and fill in the spaces between these nodal points, in the American jam-band tradition.


They served up a satisfying amalgam of Southern-boogie-psychedelic-funk vibes, mostly strong original material but also including covers of the Allmans Brothers' "Whipping Post" and (as an encore) "Statesboro Blues," Elmore James' (via SRV?), "The Sky is Crying," and a remarkably effective pairing of Pink Floyd's "Breathe" and "Time," which sent the crowd into ecstasy."


 - Matthew Watkins, The Spring

Management / Booking


Kevin Troestler

Stevens Point, WI
(608) 558-2361

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